Certifications and Patents

Patent and Certification

Certifications with Patents

We're proud to share that Clione Prime has achieved the following certifications and patented innovations that showcase our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.


PETA Certified

We are pleased to announce that Clione Prime has been officially certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This certification underscores our dedication to cruelty-free and ethically produced products. Our commitment to animal welfare extends across our entire product range, giving you the confidence that our offerings are aligned with your values.



Patented Innovations

Certifications and Patents


At Clione Prime, innovation is at the core of what we do. We're excited to announce that several of our groundbreaking products have been granted patents by the relevant authorities. These patents stand as a testament to our continuous efforts to push the boundaries of technology and design, offering you unique solutions that you won't find anywhere else.

ISO Certified

Clione Prime has earned the prestigious ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification. This recognition reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in quality, safety, and efficiency. Our adherence to ISO standards ensures that our products consistently meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations.


Clione Prime's promise to provide products that are ethical, of the highest quality, and backed by our relentless pursuit of innovation. We thank you for your trust in us and look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations.




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