Lash Glue eyelash extensions

Lash Glue eyelash extension

Lash Glue


the perfect choice for professional eyelash extensions. With its 5ml size and sleek black color, this high-quality lash glue is designed to provide exceptional performance and stunning results



Lash Glue Ultra Plus 

Lash Glue Platinum Plus

Lash Glue Elite Plus

Lash Glue eyelash extension


  1.  Ensure that both your natural lashes and the eyelash extensions are clean and dry before starting the application process. Any oil, makeup, or residue can interfere with the bonding of the glue.

  2.  Shake the Eyelash Extension Glue Ultra Plus bottle well to mix the ingredients thoroughly. This ensures optimal performance.

  3.  Carefully remove the cap from the glue bottle, ensuring not to touch the nozzle with your fingers to prevent contamination.

  4.  Squeeze a small amount of glue onto a clean, disposable glue ring or adhesive palette. Start with a small amount as a little goes a long way.

  5.  Using tweezers, pick up an individual eyelash extension from the tray or strip, ensuring you have a firm grip on the base of the extension.

  6.  Dip the base of the eyelash extension into the glue, making sure to coat it evenly and avoiding excessive glue.

  7.  Place the extension directly onto the natural lash, as close to the root as possible, without touching the eyelid. Gently hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to bond.

  8.  Repeat the process for each eyelash extension, working carefully and systematically to ensure precise placement and a seamless look.

  9.  Allow the eyelash extensions to fully dry and cure. The Eyelash Extension Glue Ultra Plus has a quick 1-second drying time, but it's recommended to wait at least 24 hours before exposing the lashes to water, steam, or excessive humidity.

  10.  After the drying period, instruct your clients to avoid touching or rubbing their lashes, as this can compromise the adhesive bond.


Lash Glue eyelash extension

why they love using 

fast curing

 1~2 seconds lash glue dry time makes ultra plus best eyelash glue for professional use

safe & premium Ingredients

formaldehyde and sulfate free lash adhesive for lash extensions tested out of medical grade individual lashes glue ingredients

extra strong bonding

advance individual eyelash glue formula maximizes lash glue performance and retention for up to 8~9 weeks



Lash Glue eyelash extension

100% of customer-user agree

+ suitable for home salon use

+ no irritation during process

+ satisfaction guaranteed

+ high-quality



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