Lash Serum | resilient lashes and brows with our dual-action kit!

Lash Serum


Lash Serum


the ultimate solution for fuller eyebrows and thicker, longer eyelashes. Our cruelty-free, natural serum enhances your lashes and brows with advanced ginseng for amplified volume and definition. Achieve longer, more resilient lashes and brows with our dual-action kit, and enjoy effortless application with our flocked tip applicator.


Lash Serum



  1. Open the Lash Brow and Growth Serum tube.

  2. Carefully remove the excess product from the applicator tip by wiping it gently against the inside of the tube. This ensures a controlled and precise application.

  3. Starting with your lashes, gently apply a thin line of the serum along the roots of your upper lash line. Use a gentle, sweeping motion from the inner to the outer corner.

  4. Next, move on to your eyebrows. Use the same technique to apply a thin line of the serum along the natural shape of your brows.

  5. For optimal results, apply the serum consistently every evening before bedtime. This allows the serum to work its magic overnight while you sleep.

  6. Avoid rubbing or touching your lashes and brows immediately after application to prevent the product from smudging.

  7. Allow the serum to dry completely before applying any other skincare or makeup products.

  8. Be patient and consistent. It may take a few weeks to see visible improvements in the length and thickness of your lashes and brows. Results may vary for each individual.

  9. Remember to keep the Lash Brow and Growth Serum in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain its effectiveness.


Lash Serum


Goodbye to Thin Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Our revolutionary clinical formula is infused with ginseng that gives the right strength, shine and growth for amplified definition and volume which enhance your eyelashes and brow in no time.


Why they love using?


No harsh chemicals

includes aloe barbadense, panthenol, arginine and panax ginseng root extract for stronger lash follicles and regeneration in 31 days.

Growth with treatment

growth serum promotes longer, natural looking lashes and brows. The treatment serum focuses on the base that is the strengthening of lash and brow roots.

No more messy application

flocked tip applicator of our serum has been specifically designed for easier and precise application


Lash Serum


100% of customer-user agree

+ suitable for home salon use

+ professionally certified

+ cruelty free

+ high-quality



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