Gel Eyeliner waterproof and sweat-proof formulas

Gel Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner



pencil eyeliners are crafted with an innovative waterproof and sweat-proof formula, guaranteeing long-lasting, smudge-free eye makeup throughout the day. Experience the creamy texture that effortlessly glides on, allowing for precise application and intense color payoff. With the addition of anti-sweat ingredients, this eyeliner remains vibrant and fade-resistant even in humid or hot weather conditions, ensuring your stunning eye look stays intact.



Gel Eyeliner - Smokey Ash Black

Gel Eyeliner - Roasted Coffee Rose Brown

Gel Eyeliner - Noir Black

Gel Eyeliner - Melted Caramel Brown

Gel Eyeliner - Love Potion Pink


  1. Eyeliner: Starting from the inner corner of your eye, use the precise tip of the gel eyeliner to create a thin line along your upper lash line. Gradually thicken the line as desired, extending it towards the outer corner of your eye. Repeat on the other eye.

  2. Eyeshadow: Using the smudge tip or your fingertip, gently dab the gel eyeliner onto your eyelids. Blend and smudge the product for a softer, more diffused look. Build up the color for a more intense eyeshadow effect.

  3. Inner Corner Highlighter: Apply a small amount of the gel eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye using a detail brush or your fingertip. Blend it slightly to create a subtle highlight that opens up and brightens your eyes.

  4. Under-eye Lining: For a defined and smoky under-eye look, gently apply the gel eyeliner to your lower lash line using short strokes or a smudge tip. Blend it out slightly for a softer effect or leave it bold for a more dramatic look.

Remember to always start with a small amount of product and gradually build it up to achieve your desired intensity. Experiment with different techniques and have fun creating various eye looks with Clione Prime's versatile Gel Eyeliners.

Gel Eyeliner

why they love using 


can use in different kind of ways, eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlighter and lining for under eyes!

PETA certified

is a salon quality product that is cruelty free (PETA approved) and constructed out of hypoallergenic components.

easy to use

 form of a crayon pen that are super easy to use even for beginners 


Gel Eyeliner


100% of customer-user agree

+ versatility (eyeliner, eye shadow, inner corner highlighter and for lining the under eyes)

+ professionally certified

+ cruelty free

+ high-quality



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