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Pro Eyelash Lift Kit

Pro Eyelash Lift Kit

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Are you looking for a way to lift your own lashes? Do not worry, our eyelash lifting kit will give you the look exactly you are looking for!

✓ 97 Pcs Eyelash Lift Kit - 15 Times Use Eyelash Perm Kit, Suitable for Salon & Home Use - Professional Korean Semi Permanent Curling Perming Wave Kit

✓ No More Waste - our lash lift kit comprises of single use specifically designed sachets with a quantity that is enough to carry out each step perfectly, they are sealed for freshness and one time use to ensure minimal wastage and ensure maximum hygiene throughout the eyelash perm process

✓ Goodbye High Maintenance - the setting solution of our eyelash perm kit seals your lashes in places which results in a retention period of up to 8 weeks, now you can enjoy beautiful looking lashes without the need to spend on expensive mascara

✓ No More Breakage - the nourishing solution of our eyelash lift kit protects is applied after the lash lift process to act as a protective sealant for your lashes, it strengthens your lashes and keeps them hydrated to prevent any breakage

✓ Rods - this all-in-one lash perm kit comprises of fine quality silicone rods that are super gentle on your lashes and perms your lashes from the root, our eyelash lift rods come in 3 standard sizes (S, M, L) for every eye shape to ensure your lashes are straight and even during the process

✓ Professionally Certified - this lash lifting kit set is a Korean cosmetic product and has been constructed out of cruelty free ingredients, it is ideal for all types of users and provides long-lasting, reliable results for your utmost satisfaction

Our eyelash perm kit contains all the necessary lash lift tools to give your lashes an attractive curl without any heat. It also makes it simpler to add lash extensions which instantly gives you stunning lashes within no time.

However, due to the sensitivity of eyes and the nature of perming process, it is very necessary to use solutions with the correct chemical balance to avoid damage and achieve desirable results. This is where Clione Prime lash lift set comes in handy!

Mild Perming Solution

The chemical composition of our lash lifting lotions breaks and reforms the bond of the hair. This softens the inner structure of the hair which allows it to swell, stretch and mould around the shape of eyelash perm rods to form a gorgeous curl.

Premium Lash Lift Glue

Clione Prime’s lash lift glue has been checked for quality under strict quality control measures for over a period of 2 years. It has a unique formula that is suitable for all types of skin to give you safe and desirable results.

Tools of our Eyelash Perming Kit

Our lash kit supplies include:

✓ Lash lift perm lotion (1g x 15 sachets)

✓ Lash lift setting lotion (1g x 15 sachets)

✓ Lash lift nourishing lotion (1g x 15 sachets)

✓ Mascara Stick (5 pcs)

✓ Micro Brush (10 pcs)

✓ Y Brush (1 pc)

✓ Lash lift glue (5 ml)

✓ Applicator (10 pcs)

✓ Silicone rods - S, M, L (10 pcs each size)
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